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Huts: First Look Huts is a CQB (close quarters battle) map. Emplaced MGs which shoot a devastating stream of paintballs are located in various key locations. Read the Full Story
Outdoor: First Look Outdoor is a map which features a vast forest of primarily spruce/alder trees, with dense vegetation. There are many small waterfalls, and steep rock cliffs throughout. Read the Full Story
Warehouse 2: First Look Warehouse 2 will prove to shape up as one of the most played and enjoyable maps for Full-On Paintball. It features many accessible roofs, buildings, and air bunkers. Read the Full Story

Basic Info

Title: Full-On Paintball

Genre: Paintball FPS

Engine: Unreal Development Kit

Platforms: PC

Release Date: TBA

Rating: NR (target audience: Everyone 10+)



Splat! Enjoy a first person shooter where you won't have to watch paint dry. Grab your paintball gear and set out. Fast and unique gameplay gives players a new level of realism. Choose various environments from speedball fields to dense forests. Use your skills wisely while being careful not to get tagged. The game is original and intense. Pushing all limits and bounds of next-generation 3D graphics. Suitable for audiences young and old. Hold on tight for the greatest paintball simulation ever!


Characters, Weapons & Equipment:

A wide selection of weapons and equipment allows players to customize their loadout. You decide what you want to use for the situation at hand to your liking. Some of these items include markers, barrels, hoppers,grips, and more. Various character adjustments and customizable outfits suit any environment. Earn ranks, unlocks, PTS, and more.


Maps & Gametypes

More then seven available gametypes and fifteen plus maps. Featuring all the classic gametypes from the mod, and several new ones. Both speedball and woodsball and mixed based maps. Realistic dynamic environments and effects.